Serving size: 1 person


The Breakfast of Champions, get STUFT style! We've included all of your favourite brekky and brunch bits in this jam-packed box of delights. 

Combine a Fresh Croissant with sweet Midsummer Berry Compote, or some Cured Coppa and Cheddar, or both! Our creamy Dorset Strained Yogurt is made even more delicious when you mix in the Handcrafted Granola and some Berry Compote, too. 

As for the UK Orchard Apples, eat solo or dip into your Yogurt or Berry Compote for a sweet and tart treat.

Are you drooling yet...?

As usual, we've sourced the best of the best local produce from UK-based suppliers who give a damn about their impact on the earth.

We make this box Vegetarian by doubling up on the cheese to replace the cured ham (Coppa). We only use our lip-smacking Godminster Mature Cheddar in this box, which is a vegetarian cheese. 

  • Fresh Croissant *
  • Strained Greek Yogurt * 
  • Midsummer Berry Compote 
  • Mastercrafted Granola *
  • Mature Cheddar * 
* Contains allergen/s.


For specific allergen info for each item, head to our Product Info page.